Protective Services Inc.

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Archin Protective Services Inc. is licensed by The New York State Department of StateDivision of Licensing. The headquarters is conveniently located In Nassau County, New York, USA.

Our management team has experience working alongside with current & prior law enforcement officers. They also have an immense understanding on how to properly operate any security program.Our securityexperts have the ability to create and execute aneffective and efficient security package that improves your day-to-day business operations.

All of our clients will be issued with their own Personal Account Manager. The Personal Account Manager is a client’s direct point of contact to handle any assigned service issues that may arise. That includes but not limited to all administrative oversight, scheduling and supervising all employees are dispatched to your facility.

Our clients enjoy working with us because our management team is easily accessible and proactive in resolving issues that may arise at a moment’s notice.

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